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Do you wish to optimize your Androids and iPhone apps? We are going to share a complete guide for App store optimization tips that help your App to rank in top position in organic search when somebody searches it in Google play store and iTunes app store; Then read here App store optimization tips.  To optimize app is called App Store Optimization (ASO). We offer SEO for mobile at a reasonable price. In the ASO technique, we optimize the app store just like website optimization (SEO). ASO is not too much developed and not too much nested Google algorithm for it. It is so simple and can be optimized easily if you do it carefully.

We know well today; App is a very important part of any kinds of business. Most of the website owner develop their business app for Android and iPhone users. These days; about 50% of people install directly app if they need to visit daily basis. We can see the example of shopping site app, entertainment apps, sports apps, hire car apps, or order Foods and such other material in daily life apps. People don't want to visit again and again to search on Google for certain things. So if they like the product quality, price and delivery time then they install directly apps on their phone to order and purchase next time.

In this case, you must have your website app so that when somebody searches it in Google play store or iTunes then your app should appear on the first position; So that the customer can download it from there easily and install it in the phone. Here is the big question, how to optimize the app so that it comes in the first position and people identify the original app easily. Because you know well there are many apps that are related to your business come in search. 

So let's see the tips on how to optimize the app for Google play store and iTunes Stores.

These tips are very useful for SEO Guys or Website owners. So if you are one of them and want to learn how to do SEO of App then these tips are very useful for you.

App store optimization (ASO)

There are two famous app stores which we know all- 1st. Google Play store for androids phone user and 2nd is iTunes for Apple iPhone user. So here we discuss the tips for both.

The label of APP - (11 Chars) App Label is only for 11 chars long with space. So you can choose only your Brand Name or website Name for it. As for Example- Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Uber, CricketBuzz, MakeMyTrip, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, vk etc. So you should also keep your App label only brand name or website name. So that anybody identifies it easily.

Developer Name -  Write Developer Name as the person name. Don't write the brand name or company name in the developer name field. You can give Company CEO, Director or Owner Name or if you wish then real developer name.

Logo - App Logo is very important for ASO. Your app logo should be the same as website logo so that anybody identifies it easily. When you change the website logo then change also app logo for the app store.  Generally, Google Play store logo size is 512*512 and jpg, PNG, JPEG format. And iTunes Apple app store logo size is 512*512 px and 1024*1024 px and the format is the same. For more detail about Google play store and Apple iTunes logo, size visits the link.

App Title - (Google - 30 and Apple - 75) - App Title is very important for ASO. It is the same important as website page title so write the appropriate title for App.  Google Play Store Title limit is 30 Chars only and iTune title size is 75 Chars.  Some tips to write App Title is - Brand Name/Website Name+ the Main keyword of your business. as for example -  Paytm - Online Shopping and Money Transfer App, Amazon - Online Shopping in India. You can see the Title of many other brands.

So takes care of title size and the main keyword for both the Google play store and iTunes. 

App Sort Description (Google - 80 Char, iTunes - No) - Google Allow to write the short description for App description of 80 chars only. So write the app related short and unique description. Takes care don't repeat the keyword in the description as the title. Write some other main keywords in the description and some offer and discount info in the description. iTunes doesn't allow writing the short description so try to write about your app in iTunes Title as above mentioned (75 chars limit).

Note - Title and Description work as SEO Meta title and description. You can say it App Meta tag and it plays a vital role in app ranking just as the website. 

App Keywords - (Google- No, iTunes - 100 Char) - Google don't allow writing keyword but iTunes provide to write Meta keywords and the limit of the keyword is 100 chars only. So write the main business keyword separated with the comma.

Long Description - (4000 chars) Google and Apple both allow writing 4000 chars long description. So you can describe how to install and what is the benefit of downloading the app and what the feature and product you offer through the app. So write a professional and unique long description for both app stores. 
App Store Meta title and Description  Char Limit
App Store Title and Description Limit

Now complete the Meta tips for APP store. Now we explain some other tips to promote the app in Google play store and iTunes. (You can say it on page ASO for App as I mentioned above) and now going to describe some off page tips for Apps. It is very imported for any kinds of Apps so read carefully. 

How to increase App Rating, Review, and Download Volume

App Rating and Review - This is a very- very important part of ASO.  App rating and review play a vital role in app ranking in the app store. So try to get a more and more high rating (5 stars) and customer positive review about your app facility and features. Remember here don't write fake rating and reviews. Google and Apple Robots know each and everything that goes on. So if you write too many fake rating and review then they can block your app or suspend your account also. So take care of these things. Keep patience for Good rating and positive review.  You know well mostly high rating and positive review app rank in the first position. So here you can ask -

How to get rating and review for App

 How to get a high rating and positive reviews - 

Here are some tips for it-

Refer to friends and your satisfied Customers - You can ask to give a 5-star rating and write the positive review for your friends, family and your already subscribed customer who are fully satisfied. Hope you get the Good response from them and got good rating and reviews.  So you can mail or message them for it.

Don't force for rating and review - Say anybody to review & rating your app once or twice. doesn’t force anybody to write review and rating again and again. They can be irritating and write a negative review. So takes care of these things.

Improve your App Quality and Navigation - If your app running smoothly and offer the same navigation as the main website and easy to operate then people like it and might be interested to write the review. 

 App Size and Speed - Your app should be the minimum size and loading speed time is very fast. If your app under 10 MB then it Excellent, If under 20 MB then Good, Under 30 MB Average, Under 50 Need to the compressor if 100 MB then you should work on it. Because if the initial APP size is big then nobody wants to install it due to mobile space or speed. So take care of App size and Speed.

Increase App Download Volume and Velocity - As we see that people like to install the highest downloaded apps and high rating and good review apps only. So you will have to increase downloading volume and velocity of your app. 

Download volume - It means the total number of times an App has ever been downloaded. And 
Download Velocity - It means the total number of time an App is downloaded in given periods of times.

Increase G+1 - You should connect your App with Google + Profile and improve the G+1 likes. For this; share link in Group and Communities.

How to increase app Download volume and velocity - 

How to increase App Download and positive Review

Give a link to your Main Website and blog - You should give a link (Text, Image or Animated Flash) link on your main website and blog. If someone visits your website then app link should appear on the website in the right-hand side, footer or after some time pop up the link to download app message.

Share on Social media sites - Share the link with the description on your social page like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, VK. Pinterest, Instagram or others well know social sites.

Give the link on Blog Post, Article & Press Release – You should give the app store link in the blog post and article & press release. You can also submit your app link on some well know app submission sites to boost ranking and downloads.

Run Paid App Installation Ads - If you want to increase your app downloading volume and velocity then you should run paid ads on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. 

Refresh/Update App - You should always update some new feature and version of your apps. You can send the notification to update the new features or the new version of the app to your exciting users. As we always get the notification from the well-known branded app to update the app after some improvement. So refresh and update are very important for apps.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) - If any customers write the negative review then send him help center/ customer support and listen to their concern and try to resolve the problem. Never reply with attitude if someone writes the negative review. If someone asks the question then reply to him/her polity and suggest the best tips to get the solutions. If someone writes the positive review then don't forget to say him/her thanks and ask for any extra improvement suggestion.

Remove the Negative review - Last but not least. It is very important to remove the negative review from app stores. For this, you should refresh the app or upgrade the new version of the app. Google play store and iTunes only show the updated version app rating and reviews. So if possible upgrade your app version every 3 or 6 months.

Note - One paid tool for remove negative review is AppAnnie. So you can purchase the subscription and delete the negative review from your app store.

Hope you get the right APP Store optimization tips and tricks here. If you have any question or any suggestions then don’t forget to write in the comment box below. We offer SEO for mobile at an affordable price. Add me on Skype for Android App SEO. My Skype id is amtsaxena