How to Drive Safe on the Road - Tips to Drive Safe on the Road

These days safe driving is very important thing in daily life. We hear daily news about road accident due to careless driving on the road. We forget somebody is waiting at home to welcome you. So dear friends always takes care of traffic rules when you driving the car or bike on the road. Here I am sharing some major tips which is very useful and may be it helps you and somebody life from road accident. I hope you read it carefully and follow these suggestions. Thanks. 

how to drive safe on the road, tips to drive the car on the

Always Follow the Traffic Rules - We always break the traffic rules and most of accident happened due to break the traffic rules. So don’t do like such behaviour and be good citizen and always follow the traffic rules which is made by government. The traffic rules save your life and others too. 

Don’t Drive If You Drink - Most of road accident happens due to drink and drive the car. We lost our concentration power when we drink the wine. Our mind takes decision late when we drink. So never drive the car or bike when drank.

tips to drive safe on the road, traffic rules, top tips to drive safe

Never Drive the Car When You Feel Sleepy - Some time professional driver have no time to sleep well and they drive the car, bus, or truck 24 hours continuously and feel sleepy during driving and suddenly they lost the mind concentration due to sleepy mood and due to high speed driving they lost control over the car, bus or truck and suddenly accident happened and then they can’t control at any condition.  So avoid the driving when you fell sleepy.  You should take rest in hotel and sleep well then start the driving. Don’t lose your valuable life for some earn more money. If life is safe then all is well and you can earn more for your family.

Never Talk on Phone When Drive - Some Guys use their cell phone during driving and talk long on the phone. Suppose suddenly something come before you then you can’t control the drive. When we talk on phone then our mind on the phone and there is no time to take decision on the spot so accident is sure in the conditions so never talk on phone when you drive the car, bike or other vehicle. If you are business person and very important to receive the call then you should use hand free head phone to talk on the phone. If possible stop the driving when talk on phone. Start driving when ends the talk on phone. These days whatsaaps chat is big problem when driving the car. Sometime I have seen some people they use whatsApps chat during driving. It may be big reasons of accident. So stop using phone on the road when you drive. 

Don't talk on phone when driving the car, tips how to drive safe

Avoid Your Sexy Wife or Girl Friend to Sit Besides Driving Seat- It’s like fun but it is true that attractive and charming lady can disturb you during driving.  You know well her jumping breast attract your attention anytime and you can lose your driving control. So its better that tell her sit behind comfortable and make you happy journey. 

Don't drive with you girls friends, Driving car with hot girls

 Drive Slowly in Fog or Rain - In rainy seasons and winter season road accident average increase due to heavy rain and fog. If you drive in rainy seasons or fog then drive slowly and follow the traffic rules.  Don’t try to overtake in this condition. Accident became gradually in this situation. So take care and drive carefully.

Always Check Machinery Part of Vehicle - Before go on drive check all the general machinery parts of the vehicle like breaks, staring, head light, side mirrors, wheel tire and so on. If something wrong then change it before go on drive. Don’t ignore to change next time or wish to save money.  It can be big problem. So always keep your vehicle problems free. If you ignore then it may be reasons of big accidents. 

Always Wear Seat Belt - Seat belt is very important when you drive the vehicle, if you drive bike then don’t forget to use helmet. Use the helmet if anybody sits behind you too. Helmet of seat belt can save you from big accident. So never miss to use seat belt and helmet. Some people ignore these things and understand self spider man but don’t forget dear spider man also use safety jacket. So please don’t be try to hero on the road.

Wear seat belt when you drive the car, use seat belt when driving

Don’t Chess to Over Takes – Some young guys to chess over takes other bikes or car on the road and it is main issues of accident on the road these days. They want to show more super than others and they drive too fast car or bike on the road. So I would like to suggest such guys don’t play race on the road. Be careful always on the road and drive in limit speed.

Don’t Allow New Learner Driver or Child to Drive on the High Way - Mostly road accident happened due to new learner drive or under age (teen) driving. So never allow to drive the car or bike on road and save your valuable life. Only allow them to drive on the high ways or market after 1 or two year driving experience.

Don’t Allow New Learner Driver or Child to Drive on the High Way

Drive Slowly on Speed Breaker and Narrow Road – About 10 to 20 percent accident happened due to ruff road. If road is broken then drive slowly and take care of the speed breaker. Don’t forget to decrease speed on speed breaker. Some young guys don’t follow the speed rules and do stunt on speed breaker and some time they lose control and accident happened and they lost their valuable life. So dear friends don’t stunt on the road and be carefully on the road. In village the road is narrow so drive slowly and take care to drive on too much road side. In village road side made by soil and it may be break anytime so be carefully of narrow road or lane.

If You go on Long Drive Then Take Road Map – If you go on long drive then take map of road. Sometimes we don’t know the road root and forget the destination way and ask some people and then try to take right way and back the car on road. Sometimes accident happened due to wrong back the car. So always drive on right way.

Take Care and Drive Slowly on Zebra Crossing - Drive slowly on zebra crossing. Don’t be haste on zebra crossing. Give some time to cross the pedestrian.  If somebody wants to cross the road then slow the speed of car or bike and show your good citizen nature on the road.  

Take Care and Drive Slowly on Zebra Crossing

Never Cross the Red Light - So people cross the red light and want to run away from police. People do such activities if they have no driving license or no insurance paper of car and bike. They want to run away from police and the drive fast on the road and mean while they lose the driving control and accident happened. So don’t do such things and always keep driving license and all paper of vehicle with you.

Always Drive in Your Lane

Always Drive in Your Lane – Some guys drive the car or bike on the wrong way and they want to take pass soon. In this condition the vehicle collision. Most of accident happened due to wrong lane drive and most of people died in this condition and driver died first of all in this situation. So please never drive in long lane. Always drive on your lane.

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