Some Major Mistakes in OnPage SEO , Top Common Mistakes in On Page SEO

Hello Friends, Today I am going to share a very important topic on OnPage SEO. I think you know well but by mistake, we do not take care of these mistakes, therefore we lose our website ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Sometimes we work a lot but unable to achieve ranking in the search result and fed up the off page activities. In this situation, you should look into On page carefully because we forget to some major setting during OnPage activities. This mistake is little but it affects whole website ranking and we are unable to achieve rank. So lets' read the followings things and check your website On Page activities which you are doing a mistake. So let starts one by one  - 

On page Major mistake, Some important things in ONpage SEO, SEO tips and tricks

1 -  Sitemap  -  There are for types of sitemaps in SEO - (A) Sitemap.xml (B) Sitemap.xml (C) Ror.xml and (D) sitemap.txt  / (urllist.txt)

In all of the above Sitemap.xml is very important for any website. The Search Robots follow every page very easily by sitemap.xml. So don't forget to submit sitemap.xml in Google Web Master Tool and Bing Web Master Tool 

Very Important Thing -  Create a New sitemap.xml file, if you change anything in Meta title and meta description in Website. Sometimes we forget to submit a new sitemap in webmaster tool and it may affect the site rank. So whenever you change the title and description then generate the new sitemap and resubmit the sitemap.xml file.  Always take care of this otherwise you can lose your website ranking. 

Sitemap.html, ror.xml, and urllist.txt are not important but if you change these too then it will be best for your website health.

Take Care -  Note this point. This is allowed only the static website.  We don't need to create a new sitemap for the dynamic website. 

Some platform like as word press, Blogger, Magento, Jumala, and other dynamic web development platform where you need not generate sitemap.xml again and again manually. These all have automatically sitemap facility so don't worry about this. If you create a sitemap manually then you should create a new sitemap and resubmit when ever you change anything or create a new page in the website.

I think you are now clear about sitemap and you take care always this.

2. Robots.text file -  This is a very sensitive setting in Website. If we do any mistake in the robots.txt file then we can loose website ranking soon.  So always take care of this setting. Here I am suggesting some points. 

By Google and other search Engine points of view, we should not block anything in the website. If you rally want to index all things in search engine then you should allow each and everything in robots.txt for this write the following code to allow everything 

User-agent: *

or you can write as following

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Very Important Thing -  Never write the following if you want to index all things in Search Engine.

User-agent: *

or not write like following

User-agent: *

So always take care robots.txt file. If you loose website ranking suddenly then don't forget to check your website robot.txt file.

Some time we allow or disallow the search robots by a meta tag. In this condition  you should take care of the following robot meta tag.

To allow  search robots to write the following code  - 


To disallow search robots to write the following code - 


Note -  Don't confuse  in these code...

Generally, we all want to index all things into the search engine so just copy the below code and paste below


Example - 


Caution -  Write this code only Index.html page..

Exception -  Some time we have to block the some part of a website like a page or some file(pdf file) and others. or you need to block the specific search engine robots in this condition you should contact with developer to block certain things. if you are expert then you can visit here to block specific search engine website -   If you want to read in detail about robots then visit this robot site -

3. Set the target country -  Sometime we need ranking only Local area for a local business like  - Real estate, Education, Entertainment, Tour and travel and others. In this condition, you can set in web master for a specific country. So it is very easy to achieve ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

To Target country  in Google follow this steps - 

Log in Google Web master Console =>   Search Traffic => International Targeting 

Here You see the two Option -  Language and  Country -  Click on Country Tab => Check the Box => Select the your Target Country from Menu.=> then Save it..  

Now search Engine prefer your website in the selected country only. It may take some time but you can get the best local ranking in search engine.

Very Important  -   If your business world wide then don't set anything . just leave it.

Note  -  if you want to target your country location by meta tag then you can do as following. just visit the GEO META TAG generate a website and fill your location and other value and generate the code as bellow.--

<meta name="DC.title" content="Website Development Company in New Delhi India" />
<meta name="geo.region" content="IN-DL" />
<meta name="geo.position" content="20.593684;78.96288" />
<meta name="ICBM" content="20.593684, 78.96288" />

Copy your generated code and paste below head tag in Index.html file.

It is very useful for Local Business. So you can target the specific country or location by GEO meta tag.

To Target Location in Bing Web master follow the below step - 

Log in Bing Web Master => Configure my Site =>  Geo Targeting 

Here you can submit the   Domain, Page, Directory in Specific Country. 

Submit your website home page URL and select the target country and save it.

Now Bing Prefer search result in your targeted country. If you business worldwide then leave this.

So you can get ranking as soon as possible if your business local. It is a very useful tool so get top ranking in Bing search result.

4. Web content and Title Tag -  If you target the keyword then write the unique title and meta description for the targeted page.  Target only 1 or 2 keywords in the page. Write about 400-600 words  web content. I mean to describe the keywords in details.

5. Don't forget to Add H1, H2, H3- tag in the website -  You should always add only one time h1 tag in one page. You can use h2 and h3 tag more times.

6 -  Add Alt Tag -  Image is very impressive ways to express the ideas of website services and  products features & quality. So don't forget to use the image in website.

Note - we all know that Search robots reads the image by ALT properties. So don't forget to add alt tag in all images. Add related keywords in the alt tag. you can use 1 or 2 keywords in the alt tag.

7. Canonical Tag -  If your website is open both with www and non www then it is the blunder for the website. search engine consider it two different website. so you must fix this issue before start off page activities of the website. If you are unable to achieve ranking then the canonical issue may be very big problems for you. So fix this issue first off all.

You can fix the canonical issue by two ways  -  

A. use the canonical meta tag 

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Take care -  just change the website your URL. Don't delete the last back Slas mark ( / )

Note -  Sometimes we became confuse - which URL use in canonical tag. So here I am telling you very clear -   Check the website in Google Index   by this method -

Just type your website domain in Google search Box (site:

If  your website index with www then use with www in canonical tag too.If you website index with non www then use non www url in canonical tag.

Take  Care -   Now Google provides a tool in web Master to submit the website version with www or non www.  Blogger, Wordpress, Magento and other provide facility to choose the domain with www or non www. So you can free to choose one of them. But if you choose once then always use the one website URL. Submit the website in Google web master, Bing webmaster and other search engine only one  URL which you like to see the website.

Exception -  If you don't decide the website URL with www or non www then Google and other search engine index your website automatically with one. But sometime Google and other search engine index both www and non www.  In this condition, It is very necessary to use the canonical tag on the website. so that search robots understand your website unique. Now I think you are very clear with the canonical tag. If you are still confused then you can ask me.

If you want read about the canonical tag in detail then visit Moz website for it.

B.) Using .htaccess file -  It is very unique and easy way to fix the canonical issue . But it some technical code. It is a different code for different types of server. So if you are well known about .htacess file then you can create it and upload it on your website in root file.

Here I want to suggest that you can ask the website hosting services provider and tell him to fix the canonical issue by the .htaccess file . He will fix the website canonical issue. Godaddy, hostgator and some others  website hosting services provider that offer this facility.  if you are a developer then you can create by self and use it.  If you want to read more about .htaccess file then visit here for a .htaccess tutorial 

Conclusion:-  I mean you must fix the canonical  Issues from a website. If your website open with both then you can never achieve top ranking in search engine.

Note -   We will Share other major setting so read my post-- Wait for more -