How to Achieve Top Rank in Search Engine of New Website

Do you have a new website or blog? Or are you working on a new website in your office?  Then I am going to share here superb tips “how to achieve ranking soon in search Engine” of the new website. I am sharing with you all “secret of website ranking” here. I think you would be eager to know how it is possible. It is possible but it depends on lots of factors that should be excellent on your website. If the following things which I am going to share are well on your website then I think your website must get top rank in search engine soon. So I don’t want to waste time and starting to write that secret of ranking factors. Read carefully and apply on your business website or blog. So let’s start:-

how to get ranking of new website, how to achieve top rank of new website

Website Ranking depends on two technologies, I think you must have heard about. ON Page optimization and Off page Optimization. I think you know many articles regarding on these topics but unable to understand what is this? So I am telling you Starting to ending here one by one.

Need a good design attractive website:  To start any business or any types of the website as for example, Entertainment, Education, Stories, news and so on. You should have to design attractive website, first of all, I mean the website should be impressive looks, If any visitors come on the website then he fell charm to see the image and user-friendly website designing, User-friendly means, All requirement see in the header menu. Related Attractive Image, Search Facility on website, Easy Navigation, Footer linking, Language Translate facility if online shopping site then easy online payment process, Easy and soon loading the website and user well-related information and so on. All these above things must have on your website or blog So that Visitors feel impressive and attract to see all these facilities on the website. So if you really want to stay on online then you have to design the website as I mentioned above.

Secret of website ranking in Search Engine, How to get rank as soon as of new website

Excellent Content - We all know about this but I am telling you some important things about content that should be on your website.  Content should be grammatically correct, Easy to understand and it appears very easy to learn each and every person. I mean if a 10th classes’ student could read and understand well easily because it’s not important that only a highly qualified person come on your website and read. I think you know well a high profile person has no time to read, and a simple understanding Student, man, and women cannot understand your high-level English language then all your efforts are useless because, if they will not understand well then exit the website soon and visit another site. Spending the time on any visitor is very important factors in website ranking. It is known as session duration, you know well,  So always write the content easy language and easy to translate in another language.  I am telling you this because it’s not important to read only your country, but in the whole world, people could read your website to convert it by translate toll. Which, I have mentioned above.

Excellent content for new website, Top tips of boost website in search engine

SEO Initial Important tips:  You know all about SEO Well but I want to share what are the important factors. In SEO, start with Meta Tag. Meta are various types, Such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Author, Meta Geo, and Many More you can search in Google “How many types of Meta Tag” here I want to tell you how to write meta Title and Description. 

 Meta Title - Describe your whole Webpage Content in Only 55 Char (As Google Updates), it means you have to write Such Title that attracts the visitor and search robots too. If anybody sees your title then became eager to read whole things. As for example, you might see the news Paper Title (hmmm). So write the attractive title which is commonly searched in Google too much regarding your business.

Meta Description: It is a Short summary of 155 Char. So write a very important thing in only 155 char which tell everything what you have written in your whole web page Content/ or Article.

The content of Page - I have mentioned already above.  How should be your content in webpage or blog? So write user-friendly content and provide full information regarding the title. Never write wrong Information in your Webpage Content or Blog Content. Take care of Keyword Proximity (it means to use fewer keywords)

Excellent content for new website, Top tips of boost website in search engine

  1. Upload Robots.txt file, Sitemap.Xml File, Sitemap.HTML, Ror file, Urllsit.txt file in your Root File.
  2. Set up a Google webmaster, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tool for your website. Don’t forget to Add a Sitemap.xml file in Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.
  3. Your website should not have Canonical Issues (It means your Website open only one URL- with www or Without www. ) Read More about this Search in Google “how to fix canonical Issue”
  4. Check your Website Broken link, If found the resolve it.
  5. Check W3C Validation, If found then fix this issues.
  6. Create Social Media Profile like as Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Stumble, Digg and many more. 

=>Take care of user Name.  Set up User Name with your website or blog URL Name. It is very important. Post regular basis on this social site. Join Groups and Discuss your business and If you fell to share the link then share your blog or website link. Take care Do not share your link where is not related your website related topics.

=>If you have a Business website then must create a blog and post regular basis information and news. Apart from this post Article, Press Release, Slide share and others documents on high Pr website.

=>If you want to do local business then post your website information on the classified site and Business listing Sites. 

=>Share Photo with attractive knowledge regarding your website or blog on facebook, Google+, Flicker and other sites.

=>Brand Promotion- if you have a vast business then you should not depend only SEO, But you should be the focus on Branding your business, then Advertise your business by Actors, Actress, Players and other Stars on TV and Radio.  

=>Take help with Google Advertisement – If you want to instance traffic then you should advertise your business with Google ad-words, Facebook ad, and many others. 

=>Apart from these all, take help with marketing advertisement through email marketing, SMS marketing.

=>Now I think after doing all these things, you must achieve website rank one in Search Result. One important thing all these above activities cannot be done in one or 2 days. So keep patience and spend too much time. Never lose heart and go ahead. 

How to achieve top rank and earn money online, All SEO Factors for website ranking

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Thanks to staying here.