Synonyms in english, synonyms word meaning in English

 Synonyms - something different in meaning with something same is called synonyms.

Synonyms in english, synonyms word meaning in English
Hello, Friends, I describe here some Synonyms which are always asked in Competition Exam. It helps your Exam and your English word Power. These are following 

Note: (I give meaning in Hindi because Indian Student see the meaning well)

1 crime- Politics way
Vice- Social way
Sin- Religion way

2.   Addicted- In a bad sense
  Devoted- In good sense

3. Battle- between large organized armies
Fight- between people, two parties but without the aid of army
War- between nations with the aid of large armies

4. Confess- to accept responsibility or guilt
Admit- to accept the true

5. custom- general practice in society
Habit- a particular tending in an individual

6. Deficient –lacking in
Defective- having a fault.

7. Deny – declaring something as false or untrue
Refuse- not accept

8. Discover- to find something that exists before
Invent – to produce something new.

9. drawn-is used for a living objects only.
Sink- is used for both livening and lifeless objects.

10- Famous- having importance in a good sense
Notorious- having importance in the bad sense
Notable- is used for good sense, having rare quality

11- Liberty- the absence of any check
Freedom- the absence of dependence

12- peaceable- attract towards peace
Peaceful- a state of peace

13- shade- a place sheltered from the sun.
Shadow- a dark figure projected by a body.

14. Stimulant – that which produce or artificial energy for some time.
Stimulant - That which produce artificial energy for some time.

15. vacant- not filled or occupied
Empty- No containing anything.