Paronyms English Word power, paronyms word meaning list

Paronyms- The word born from same word and format same as each other but the meaning is quietly different is called pyronyms.

Paronyms English Word power, paronyms word meaning list
In Hindi -(jin sabdo ke rup milte julte ho ya jinki utpati ek hi sabdo se huyi ho par arth me bhibhinta ho wo pyronayms kahalata hai.) As for example-

Dear friends, I describe here Paronyms which is also very useful for competition Exam so read and remember these.

1 Artist (one skilled in fine arts painting, music, poetry, and person)
Artisan – one who practice some handicraft.
Artiste- A performer in singing or dancing

2 Artistic- beautiful
Artful- clever
Artificial – not natural

3. Beneficial – useful- it is applied for things.
Beneficent – kind- it is applied for person.

4. Confident – quite sure
Confidant – one who is entrusted with a secret?

5. continuous – without gap or break
Continual- with occasional break

6. childish – is used in a bad sense and means silly
Childlike – is used in good sense and means simple and innocent

7. dependent – is an adjective, meaning depending on
Dependant – is a noun, meaning one depending on another.

8. Diverse – different, not alike
Divers – several

9. Effective - having a power full effect.
Efficient – competent (yogy, layak)
Efficacious – sure to produce the desired effect

10. Enviable – producing a causing envy
Envious – the feeling of envy (dah, dewesh)

11. Elemental – Relating to the elements, such as air, fire etc.
Elementary – primary, introductory

12. Formalism – observance of external form
Formality – formal or ceremonial etc.

13. Ghastly – fearful
Ghostly - relating to ghost

14. Graceful – handsome
Gracious – merciful

15. Honorary - holding, office, without pay.
Honorable – worth of honor

16. Human – belonging to mankind
Humane – kind

17. Imaginary - unreal, fanciful
Imaginative – having creative imagination

18. Industrious – laborious, active
Industrial – relating to commerce and industry

19. Judicial – Impartial, pertaining to a judge or court of law.
Judicious – wise, sensible

20. Lovable – worth of love, that which should be loved.
Lovely – nice beautiful

21. Luxurious – having rich growth
Luxurious- having much of comfort and luxury

22. memorable – worth, remembering
Memorial – a state, etc which helps us remember something or somebody

23. Momentous - very important
Momentary – short-lived

24. Negligent - careless
Negligible – extremely unimportant or small

25. Observation – the act of watching closely making a remark
Observance – keeping rules and right strictly

26. Pitiable – creating or arousing pity
Pitiful – feeling pity
Piteous – miserable

27. Popular – having the quality to please
Populous – thickly populated

28- refuge – shelter
Refuse – not to accept

29- sensible – having sense and reason
Sensitive – touchy, easily affected

30- temporal – opposed to internal an spiritual
Temporary – short, lived

31- Union – act of unity
Unity – oneness

32- willing – ready without hesitation
Willful – deliberate, conscious

33. Verbal – relating to words oral,
Verbose – having too many words