Famous Idioms in english used everyday life

Important English Idioms For Government Exam Preparation 

If you are preparing for Government Exam then you should remember the important Idioms. I am sharing with you a useful and powerful Idioms word power list which are very necessary for the Navy, Bank, Airforce, SSC, UPSC Exam. Hope you like and share it with your friends. You can share more in the comment box.

We always want to talk in special ways in English in front of others to look stylish. so I think you remember these idioms then you can do so----

These are the following:-

1. A nine days wonder – char din ki chandni phir andheri raat.

2. A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools. – chale na aawe angan tend

3. Heads I win, tail you lose. – chit v meri pat v meri

4. Barking dogs seldom bite. – garje jo barse nahi.

5. To make much a do about nothing.- khoda pahar nikali chuhiya.

6. Handsome is that Handsome does. – kaam payara cham nahi.

7. while there is breathe, there is hope. – jab tak sans jab tak aass

8. Tit for Tat.- jaisa ko taise.

9. Might is Right.- jisk lathi uski bahis.

10. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.- Nou nagad na terah udhar.

11. Excess of everything is bad. – ati srwatra warjte.

12. No pain No gain. – Bina sewa mewa nahi.

13. A word to the wise is enough. – akalmand ko isara kaphi.

14. Example is better than precept.- sindhant se udharan acha hota hai, ek najir  sao nasihat.

15. Ill gotten, Ill spent. Chori ki maal mori me.

16. Like Father, like son. – Jaisa baap waisa beta.

17. Life is better than a bag of gold.- jaan bachi lakho upaya.

18. A little learning is dangerous thing.- alp gayan khatannak hota hai.

19. Look before you leap. – bina bichare jo kare wo piche pachataye.

20. There is no rose without a throne – Bina kata ki gulab nahi hoti.

21. To the pure everything is pure.- Man chanaga to kathoti me ganga.

22. Riches have wings.- Lakshmi chanchal hoti hai.

23. The for turns wings.- satar chuhe khakar bili chali haz ko.

24. Morning shows the day.- Honahar birwan ke hote chikane paat.

25. Gods mill grinds slow but sure.- ishwar ke darwar me der hai andher nahi.

26. Good mind Good find. – Aap  bhala to jag bhala.

27. All’s well that end is well. Ant bhala to sab bhala.

28. A little drop in the ocean. – ut ke muh me jira.

29. Kill two birds with one stone. – ek panth do kaaj.

30. Neither fish nor fowl.- adha titar adha bater.