Full Form of all Words of Computer Science

Full Form of all Words of Computer Science

Hello friends, I describe here a lots of computer Words Full Form which is always asked in Examination and Interviews.  I collected a lots of Words here which help you many way. We always use short form for our daily life but we do not know what's stand for it. Don't worry I resolve your all problems here . So take care and remember these words. Don't forget to comment how is this collection, if you like then don'forget to share link with your friends. So Now Enjoy The Following below :-

Computer Words full form, Full form of Computer Science words, full form of all words of computer science

COMPUTER--Compute/Calculate Operate/Organize Memories/ Manage Process/Print/present Update Tabulate Edit Reply/Represent/ Response.

NIIT--National Institute of Information Technology.

ID NO--Identity Number

SQL Date--Status of Limitation Date

SWAP--Semester Weighted Average Performance.

CWAP--Commulative Weighted Average Performance.

PP--Professinal Practice.

ISAS--Information Search and Analysis Skill.

DTP--Desktop Publishing.

USA--United State America.

CAI--Computer Assisted Instruction.

CAL--Computer Assisted Learning.

CBT--Computer Based Training.

CMI--Computer Manneged Instruction.

MIS--Manegment Information System.

PDA--Personal Digital Assistence.

CTI--Computer Telephony Integration.

ARPA--Advaced Reserch Project Ajency.

IMP--Interface message processor.

NSF--National Science Foundation.

FTP--File Text Protocol.

URL--Uniform Research Locater.

ISP--Internare Service provider.

AOL--American On Line.

VSNL--Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

DSL--Digital Subscriber Line.

NCSA--National Center for Supercoputing Application.

MTA--Mail Transfer Ajent.

MUA--Mail User Agent.

COD--Object Orienterd Design.

CAD--Compuer Aided Design.

CAM--Computer Aided Manufacturing.

ANSI--American National Standard Institute.

ISO--International Standard Organization.

EVM--Electronic Voting Machine.

NNSA--National Nuclear Security.

OOP--Object Oriented Programming.

DDR--Dubble Data Rate.

RDBM--Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory.

ROM-BIOS--Read Only Memory Bassic Input-Output Service.

ISA--Industry Standard Architecture.

VESA--Vidio Electronic Standard Assosition.

PCI--Peripheral Component Interconnect.

SMPS--Switched Mode Power Supply.

AM--Ante Meridian(Before Noon)

OOD—Object Oriented Design

OOA—Object Oriented Analysis

CAD—Computer Aided Design

CAM—Computer Aided Manufacturing

ANSI—American National Standard Institute

ISO—International Standard Organization

EVM—Electronic Voting Machine

NNSA—National Nuclear Standard Administration

OOP—Object Oriented Programming

DDR—Double Data Rate

RDBM—Ram bus Dynamic Random Access Memory

ROM-BIOS—Read Only Memory Basic Input Output Service

ISA—Industry Standard Architecture

VESA—Video Electronic Standard Association

PCI—Peripheral Component Interconnect

BC—Before Christ

CID—Criminal Investigation Department

DC—Deputy Commissioner

ETC—Etcetera, Another

GPO—General Post Office

IA—Indian Army

IG—Inspector General

MB—Medicine Bachelor

MD—Medicine Doctor

MLA—Member of legislative Assembly

MLC—Member of legislative Council

MP—Member of Parliament

OP—Out of Print

PM—Post Meridian

PWD—Public Works Department

UK—United Kingdom

CA—Charted Accounted

CBI—Central Bank of India

CPI—Communist Party of India

IAS—Indian Administrative Service

IST—Indian Standard Time

UNICEF—United National International Children emergency Found

XML—Extensible Markup Language

RDBMS—Relational Database Management System

CDSG—Course Design Student Guide

DBMS—Data Base Management System

ER—Entity Relationship

RDS—Relational Data Structure

SQL—Structured Query Language

BCNF—Boyce-code Normal Forms

UI—User Interface

CLR—Common Language Runtime

BCL—Base Class Library

DTL—Development Tools and Language

CTS—Common Type-System

DDL—Data Definition Language

DML—Data Manipulating Language

DCL—Data Control Language

DQL—Data Query Language

PDF—Primary Data-File

SCF—Secondary Data-File

TLF—Transaction Log-File

PKC—Primary Key Constraint

UC—Unique Constraint

FKC—Foreign Key Constraint

CC—Check Constraint

DC—Default Constraint
EI—Entity Integrity

DI—Domain Integrity

RI—Referential Integrity

UDI—User Define Integrity

MSSMS—Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

GB—Giga –Bite

ISPF—Implementing Stored Procedures and Function

UDF—User Defined Function

ACID—Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability

IS—Internet Shared

IX—Internet Exclusive

SOA—Service –Oriented Architecture

SOAP—Simple Object Access Protocol

WSDL—Web-Service Definition Language

UDDI—Universal Description Discovery and Integration

URL—Uniform Resource Locator
SA—System Administration

DBO—Data-Base Owner

DTD—Document Type Definition

GUI—Graphical User Interface

MDI—Multiple Document Interface

CUI—Character User Interface

CLS—Common Language Specification

IDE—Integrated Development Environment

IL—Intermediate Language

CTS—Common Type System

COM—Component Object Model

SDI—Single Document Interface

UTF—Unicode Transformation Format

ANSI—American National Standards Institute

DLL—Dynamic Link Library

MSIL—Micro Soft Intermediate Language
GAC—Global Assembly Cache

CAS—Code Access Security

CBT—Computer Based Training

GIF—Graphical Interchange Format

JPEG—Joint Photographic Expert Group


DIB—Device Independent Bitmap

TIFF—Tagged Image File Format

PCX—Pc Paintbrush

ASP—Active Server Page

CSJS—Client –Side java Script

SSJS—Server Side Java Script

UCD—Use Case Diagram

SDI—Single Document Interface

MDI—Multi Document Interface

KLM—key store-level Model
 WPF—Windows Presentation Foundation

HCF—Highest Common Factor



BF—Balance Factor

DFS—Depth First Search

BFS—Breadth First Search

CDSG—Course Design- Student Guide

XSLT—Extensible Style Sheet Language

CSS—Cascading Style Sheet

EDI—Electronic Data Interchange

W3C—World Wide Web Consortium

DOM—Document Object Model

SGML—Standard Generalized mark-Up Language

WML—Wireless Mark-Up Language

XSL—Extensible Style Sheet Language

EAI—Enterprise Application Integration

PI—Processing Instruction

UTF/UCS—Universal Character Set

XSD—Extensible Schema Definition

URI—Uniform Resource Identifier

URL—Uniform Resource Locator

URN—Uniform Resource Name

FO—Format Object

API—Application Programming Interface

DSSSL—Document Style Semantics and Specification Language

VAN—Value Added Network

OP—Out Patient

ENI—Eye Nose Throat

UGI—Unique Garment Inc

HRM—Human Resource Management

BD—Business Development

OAF—Object Attainment Feedback

DML—Data Manipulation Language

COM—Component Object Model

ODBC—Open Data Base Connectivity

OLE—Object Linking and Embedding

ASP—Active Server Page

JDBC—Java Data Base Connectivity

ADO—Advance Database Object

LOB—Look Object

BLOB—Binary Large Object

CLOB—Character Large Object

HRIMS—Human Resource Information Management System

KHBSS—Karl Hoover Business Software System

CLI—Call level Interface

BDK—Beans Development Kit

TCP—Transmission Control Protocol

IP—Internet Protocol

SCJP—Sun Certified Programmer Java Platform

AWT—Abstract Windows Toolkit

JVM—Java Virtual Machine

OO—Object Oriented

UMI—Unified Modeling Language

JAR—Java Archive

IEEE—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

J2SE— Java 2 Platform Standard Edition

EOF—End Of File

CDE—Common Desktop Environment

SMTP—Simple Mail Transport Protocol

CORBA—Common Object Request Broker Architecture

RMI—Remote Method Invocation
RPC—Remote Procedure Call

RRLS—Remote Reference Layers

OMG—Object Management Group

IDL—Interface Definition Language

IIOP—Internet Inter Orb Protocol

USDP—Unified Software Development Process

EJB—Enterprise Java Beans

ECCN—Expert Commodity Classification Number

SDLC—Software Development Life Cycle

OOAD—Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

SRC—Software Requirement Specification

DFD—Data Flow Diagram

RUP—Rational Unified process

OOSE—Object Oriented Software Engineering

OMT—Object Modeling Technique
RFP—Request For Proposal
IBM—International/Indian Business Management

SCD—System Context Diagram

MIS—Management Information System

ATM—Automatic Teller Machine

SSN—Social Security Number

IMS—Inventory Management System

TSS—Ticket Selling System

APPS—Automatic Product Sales System

IT—Information Technology

OMLP—Official Microsoft Learning Product

MCP—Microsoft Certification Program

MCITP—Microsoft Certified IT Professional

MCPD—Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

MCTS—Microsoft certified professional Specialist

MCDST—Microsoft certified Desktop Support Technician

MCSA—Microsoft Certified System Administrator

MCSE—Microsoft Certified System Engineer

MCAD—Microsoft Certified Application Developer

MCSD—Microsoft certified Solution Developer

MCDBA—Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

MCP—Microsoft certified Professional

CPLS—Certified Partner for Learning Solution

IIS—Internet Information Service

ISO-International Organization for Standards

IEEE-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

TIA-Telecommunications Industry Association

EIA—Electronics Industries Alliance

IETF- Internet Engineering Task Force

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

DSS- Decision Support System

OLTP- On-Line Transaction Processing

EDMA- Enterprise Data Mart Architecture
DS- Data Stage

DDW- Distributed Data Ware house

DDS – Dynamic Data Store

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