Code to create set up File in C# (VS)

Create set up file using C# for any Program

How to create Set up file in VS, create set up file in c#
Create set up file VS.
Dear user i want to describe here very Important and useful coding of create set up file using C#. we can create set up file to any C# program (console application, Windows Application easily), We want to run program to another system then we have to create a setup file to run without coding directly on other computer. We create just as you see setup file to other software for computer. so I think it is very useful and impressing for you because after creating setup file you can copy in pan drive and you can carry it anywhere and after installing you can can run you software as real system, so see here nice coding of creating set up file. --- please share it on face-book and tell your friends also.

I tell you step by step process so follow this step and create--

1. Open Visual Studio 2005/ 2008 here i describe 2005.
2. click here create project
3. Go to side , here project type--- select other project types
4. click + sign and select setup and deployment 
5. select here set up project give the project name and location
Note :-- you must remember Project name And Location where you saved setup file so take care of it.
here for example i give here location (C:/Amit file)and Name Love---t
6. Now click on ok button
7.Now go to the file menu and  add exciting project (which you want to create set up file)
here example i want to create setup file of exciting program-(C;/Amit file/ student/open until you see C# file)select C# file and then clicj open button

8. come to the before page and  go to left corner side on System on target machine
9. Right click on Application folder--> Add --> Project output---> primary output--->ok
10. Again Right click on user desktop folder-->Add--> project output---> primary--->ok
11.Again right click on User program Menu folder-->Add--> Project output---->primary output---ok.

12. Now Go to Build Menu and click on Build Solution  (Wait some time until build succeed ).

13. Now go to the location where you save set up file (here i gave you C:/Amit file/ love)
14. Double click on file name--> debug --->set up (click icon with box like other software appear here)
15. Double click on it-->welcome to the set up wizard ---> next-->(give the location as where you want to create setup program to install)--> next  --> next--> Next --> wait some time--close---

16. Now you can see the icon of your program on desktop , All program menu .

17. Now you can copy the set up file and install it to other system and run it easily. best of luck for this nice coding. I wish it run must on your system. 
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