Difference Between Love Marriage And Arrange Marriage

What Is the Difference between Love Marriage And Arrange Marriage?

Difference between love marriage and Arrange Marriage, Result of Love maariage
The result of Love Marriage
Hello friend! This is Amit Saxena From New Delhi. I want to tell you about a very serious and useful Article that is the difference between Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

I always see that love marriage is not a good thing because it is very harmful to our life. I waste time and money. If we take care of our work/job then we can progress in life. Life is full of struggle so don't waste time in love.

If we love to any girl then we have to always take care of her and her choices. we waste a lot of time to think about her. We think only and only about her so there is a lot of time
waste in it. we know that too much thinking is harmful to mind. We think non- seance only. We think what to do better that she will be happy with me.

But she does not think so about the boy. she only wants to time pass and entertainment. she deceives any time boy if she will find another boy who is richer and handsome than you. so never full faith in girls. who think so then I suggest you that you are wrong. because boy thinks too much but compares to it she thinks about you only 1 or 2 present only sometimes 0 %. So please avoid the girl and be happy alone.

Now I want to give some point to tell how love marriage is harmful than arrange marriage

1.  when we get love marriage then we have to face a lot of problem in life, you can never happy with life, because when you tell something wrong then she will also response soon. and never respect you. she will want to pass only her matter.and neglect you.

2. when you get love marriage then she will not respect your family, she always wants to do like before spent time, which is not possible for any boy. Parent will also not accept you love marriage and they told you that you take care of yourself and out from the house. after that we face a lot of problem in life . after that what will you say to his Girlfriend/ wife. you can't bear too many problems in life, because to live the life we have to do a lot for it.

3. If we get arranged marriage then we will always be happy and live a comfortable life.we can do anything freely and go anywhere as we wish. but in love marriage we can not do so.where we go she will also along with you. Parent will also not say you anything. if we get love marriage then we always bear the tension of our relatives and friends also. so it is better that we forget to love marriage.

4. Love marriage is no durable in life. it breaks up any time for any matter because we know all things about each other before situation so you tell about any Important works or other things then she prevents you each and every stage in your personal life matter and became angry soon.  so it is a bad situation in your life. you will repeat again and again on yourself, then you became angry and illness of tension.   

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Result Of Love Marriage